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Spear ON

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Spear ON is hierarchy enabled enterprise mobile and telecom platform to support data driven
decision making & seamless decision communication & feedback. It contains multiple modules
to help different functions in the enterprise. MySpear eliminates need of silo systems within the
enterprise and brings together all functions on a single platform
1. Enterprise Chat: Safe and secure one touch instant messaging system for your enterprise. The
hierarchy enabled chat system on mobile empowers you to stay connected with different
functions on the go. You can converse with functional groups or have one to one chat within the
organizations. Power to share documents/ files/ images etc for easy collaboration.
2. Lead Management: Creates digital imprint of all field/ sales activities. It funnels leads from
multiple sources into a single platform and enables easy lead management & tracking. Customer
timeline maintains customer history and helps in picking up conversations from where you left.
Real time hierarchical dashboards for team performance available
3. Knowledge Repository: One stop enterprise knowledge portal. Members can have access to
rich media content pushed by their organization. Members can also pin favorite content on to
their home page. Enterprise can push alerts, notifications and updates through this module.
Members can learn on the go at their own convenience.
4. IMS: Our information management system on mobile aggregates data from multiple sources. It
eliminates need for excel sheets and manual collation. Real time aggregation of data helps in
making informed decisions.
5. Communication: Multi channel communication suite with voice broadcast, polls & messaging
feature. Enterprise hierarchy is mapped on mobile phone for instant collaboration. Real time
poll results help in getting the pulse of the audience. Feedback based voice broadcast helps in
taking group consensus decisions on the go.
6. Audio/video conference: Large party audio conference sans bridge or a pin right from your
mobile phone. No need to remember cryptic pass codes for conference, just answer an
incoming call and you are set to roll. Sophisticated conference dashboard includes option to
mute/ unmute participants, record the conference or even invite more participants during the